Pet MemorialAt the Stuart-Anita Veterinary Clinics, we understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to your loyal companions. It is an unfortunate fact of life that our pets do not live as long as we do. As they get older their quality of life may come into question and dietary strategies and pain medication may no longer be effective. At our clinics, you will experience compassionate doctors and staff who will assist with all end-of-life arrangements for companion animals.

We encourage you to talk to us about these issues before they become urgent. We can provide you with information regarding your options and taking the time to plan - as emotional as it may be - will lessen the stress for you and your pet. We care about the quality of life of your pet. Our euthanasia services are conducted with the utmost compassion and respect to both you and your pet. We do everything we can to ensure your pet's comfort and dignity during his or her last moments.

Cremation services for companion animals are offered on site. Your pet may be privately cremated and returned to you or you may choose communal cremation if you do not wish to have return of the ashes. As animal lovers who are experienced with loss, each of us is honored to assist our clients through their pets’ end-of-life process.

To discuss the quality of life of your pet, please call either of our clinics today