Much of the work done with cattle is herd work which follows the seasons of cattle production:

  • Calving Season: This is probably the most rewarding time of the year for us. Helping deliver calves and getting them ready to go out on pasture is what it is all about for a cattle producer.
  • Turn out: Calves need to be vaccinated and dewormed before turn out. They may also need to be castrated. Cows need to vaccinated pre-breeding to help prevent abortions
  • Summer/fall vaccinations: Pre-weaning vaccinations for calves gives them a leg up at weaning.
  • Weaning: This is a stressful time for calves and cows. Being prepared makes all the difference.
  • Preg checking: This is a great time to assess your cow herd. You have the opportunity to assess your cows for aging, udder quality and disposition.