companion copyYour companion animals are very important to the clinic veterinarians and staff. Our  veterinarians offer excellent diagnostic, treatment, surgery, and prevention/well care services. Our quality care is supported by on-site blood chemistry analysis, isoflurane gas anesthesia, surgical laser, digital x-ray, dental scaler/polisher, and ultrasound equipment.  When the time arises, we provide compassionate, humane euthanasia with cremation services.

Preventative Medicine
We focus our efforts on preventative care and wellness to make sure your animals live happy, healthy lives.  Annual physical exams are an important step to evaluate and maintain the health of your animal. Since the life span of a pet is relatively short in comparison to that of a human, the health of your pet can change significantly in a year. Blood chemistry and other evaluations during an annual check-up allow early detection of many conditions, which increases the opportunity for the condition to be completely resolved or effectively controlled for an extended period of time.

Our Doctors and staff at the Stuart and Anita Veterinary Clinics also provide the following preventive pet care services: vaccination for preventable diseases, nutritional counseling, blood testing for heartworm, parvo, feline leukemia, and feline immunodeficiency virus, fecal exams for internal parasites, and dental care.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm disease in dogs is prevalent in Iowa, so it is essential to protect your pet against heartworms on a continuous basis.  Heartworms are spread from one dog to another by mosquitos.

We recommend using Heartgard  chewable tablets  that you feed your dog once every month.  We also have an alternative injectable product  called Proheart that our veterinarians can give your dog once every 6 months, so you don't have to remember (or forget) to give the chewables.

It is imperative to continue the heartworm prevention year round due to variability in weather and the mosquito hatch.   It is important to test your dog for heartworm before we start either of the preventatives.  This is a simple blood test that we do the clinic.  The American Heartworm Association recommends that your dog be tested annually while on the preventative, as well.


Our Stuart-Anita veterinarians offer a variety of high quality nutrition options for growing, adult, or geriatric pets. We also provide an extensive range of prescription and specialty diets to support our therapy for a variety of conditions including allergies, obesity, and heart, kidney, or liver disease.  We primarily use Hills Science Diet Brand foods, but utilize other diets when needed.

Dental prophylaxis

One of the most important aspects of pet health care is dental care; however it is also one of the most overlooked. Oral cavity disease is often the stepping-stone for more serious health problems affecting the whole body (kidney, heart, and lung disease). At your pet’s annual examination, a basic oral evaluation is made and oral care recommendations can be discussed at that time. If a dental cleaning is recommended, we will set-up an appointment as soon as possible.


When a dental cleaning is required, the patient will need to be anesthetized to complete this procedure. A pre-anesthetic blood screening will be performed prior to the cleaning to assess overall organ function, blood cell indices, and electrolyte status.   Any accumulated plaque and tartar will be ultrasonically-scaled off of the teeth similar to a human dentist.  Digital dental radiographs ( x-rays) will be taken of the the entire mouth to assess teeth and bone health.  If any extractions are necessary, we will perform those at the same time.


      Surgical services :  Soft Tissue/Orthopedic/Laser Surgery

We use the surgical CO2 laser instead of a scalpel blade for surgery. The surgical laser cuts and cauterizes tissue all at the same time, sealing blood vessels and reducing any bleeding that is commonly associated with a scalpel blade. This allows for a much quicker and efficient surgery which in turn is better for the patient as less anesthesia time is needed. The laser also leaves less inflammation which helps reduce post-operative incision discomfort.  The laser has been especially useful for cat declaws, but we utilize it in most other procedures as well.

Dr. Erin and Dr. Rachel are proficient surgeons, and provide the majority of our surgical services. They are proficient in soft tissue and many orthopedic procedures. We have the capabilities to perform spays and neuters, declaws, and advanced soft tissue surgeries (gastrointestinal surgeries, bladder surgeries, surgical biopsies, etc).  Common orthopedic surgeries we perform include fracture repairs, knee(anterior cruciate) ligament repair, patellar luxation repairs, and many others.      


Boarding Service
Our goal is to provide a safe, clean, friendly, and pleasant environment for your pet while you are away.
All kennels are cleaned and sanitized daily. A change of towels, fresh food, water, and litter boxes is also included. In order to protect the health of your pet and ensure the health of other hospitalized or boarding pets we require that the following vaccines be up to date:

Dogs Cats
Parvo Rabies



We recommend that all animals be protected with Frontline Plus for flea control. If fleas are found on your pet they will be treated in order to prevent the spread of fleas to other pets at our facility.

All boarding pets are fed Hills Science Diet Food. Clients are welcome to bring regular or prescription food from home.



HomeAgain® Microchip Identification System
The HomeAgain® Microchip Identification System is a safe, simple and permanent form of pet identification designed to quickly identify lost pets and reunite them with their owners. The HomeAgain® microchip is a small, sterile transponder that contains a unique ID code capable of being read by a compatible scanner. Each HomeAgain® microchipped pet also receives a collar tag preprinted with the animal recovery service phone number and your pet’s unique ID code.

Cremation Service
The loss of a family pet can be very painful. In the event of the untimely and unfortunate death of your companion pet, our clinic can offer you a dignified and caring cremation service. As an option, we can also return the ashes to you and offer a variety of urns to choose from.

Please feel free to contact a Stuart Veterinary Clinic veterinarian to learn more about our Companion Animal Services.

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